Interesting Facts about Sunny Leone you may not know

1. Sunny Leone’s original name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. She changed her name in order to brand herself well.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 1.jpg

2. Sunny Leone was studying to be a pediatric nurse and worked at a tax firm before she could step into the Adult Industry. She joined the adult film industry at the age of 19.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 2.jpeg

3. She told a website that she makes hand stitched baby blankets for all her pregnant friends.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 3.jpg

4. In September 2009, she launched her very own iPhone application consisting of a collection of non-nude photos, videos and a porn star-penned blog.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 4.jpg

5. Sunny’s first movie was titled Sunny and it was released in December 2005.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone A 1.jpg


6. She has her own Studio that was founded in 2008 in a partnership between Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 6.jpg

7. Her favourite actor is Aamir Khan and she was quoted saying that he has been her favorite since she was a little girl. The movie “Dil” is her all-time favorite.


8. She never signed any script or contract without the approval of her husband, Daniel Weber.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone A 2.jpg


9. She loves kiwi fruit and is also obsessed about fast food. However, she hates partying.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone A 3.jpg


10. Before working in Bollywood Sunny came four times to India on previous occasions.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone A 4.jpg


11. Sunny Leone is a director and producer of adult films. She has directed 42 adult films and featured in 41 films.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 11.jpg

12. She was engaged to Matt Erikson, a vice-president of marketing at Playboy Enterprises.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 12.jpg

13. Her second movie got her the first AVN Award, which is considered the “Oscars of porn.”

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 13.jpg

14. Her first job was at a German Bakery, when she was 15 years of age.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone 14.jpg

15. She made a guest appearance in the 2004 Hollywood flick ‘The Girl Next Door’.



16. She married Daniel Weber after dating him for three years. They met through a common friend.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 16.jpg

17. Sunny is terrified of insects and bugs of any sort and is said to have a sort of phobia about them.

Bollywood Red Sunny Leone A 6.jpg


18. Sunny learned to use Glycerine to cry during dramatic scenes on the sets of Jism 2.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 18.jpg

19.   Sunny Leone’s favorite beverage is Sauvignon Blanc.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 19.jpg

20.   Sunny Leone loves dogs. Especially rescued dogs.


21.   In 2010, she was adjudged as one of the 12 top female stars in porn by leading men’s magazine, Maxim.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 21.jpg

22.   In 2005, Leone made her first mainstream appearance for the MTV Awards on MTV India.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 22.jpg

23.   Sunny was to do a cameo in Kalyug but due to her $1 Million fee demand director Mohit Suri retreated.

BollywoodRed Sunny Leone 3.jpg

24.   Sunny Leone had dated stand-up comedian Russell Peters for a brief period in 2008.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 24.jpg

25.   She used to play with a women’s soccer league team in California.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 25.jpg

26.   She bagged 8,000 new followers on Twitter in just 2 days and Google saying searches for her experienced a “breakout”.

Bollywood Red Sunny leone 26.jpg


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