Sunny Leone on Love, Sex and Others’ husbands.

Sunny Leone has always been know for her looks, her past and her daredevil steaming scenes in Bollywood. Let’s today look into her mind, her thoughts and her opinions. Some interesting quotes from Sunny Leone.

On her past

I don’t have professional regrets, I have made mistakes but I learn from them. Only one regret I have in life, when my mother passed away, I didn’t get home fast enough.

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On choosing to be an adult star

It just kinda happened. I met an agent and when I saw these photos of these women, I didn’t think this is vulgar. I didn’t think that, oh this is wrong. I thought of it as being beautiful, and I thought they’re sexy, they’re beautiful, they’re free, they’re doing whatever they want to do. And that’s how I saw it.. I don’t have any horror stories – I wasn’t abused, I wasn’t beaten, I wasn’t molested –

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On people protesting against her

Why do you want to waste money on a parade protesting against Sunny Leone? Please use that money to buy books for kids.

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On Others’ husbands

Wife feels insecure if I work with their husbands, says Sunny

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On protests in Parliament

I’m waiting for Obama to make a speech about me.

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On what is her USP

I am a businessperson and I am a realist.

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Her honest reaction on getting a text from Aamir Khan

I was in my car, and jumping around like a kid. My driver probably thought I was crazy. I didn’t expect that, so I was elated with the first message; and then the second one came. I was so grateful and thankful for his support.

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On her perfect married life

When one of us is going crazy, somehow we pick each other up, and try to find a way out. Neither of us really freaks out, but it’s chaotic. When I am freaking out, he (husband Daniel Webber) is calm and vice-versa.

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About working as an adult star

I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my past. Have I turned the page and moved on in life? Yes, I have, but I wouldn’t have this popularity without that past. If I had come in as a new girl, who hadn’t done anything, I don’t think I would have risen to fame like I have. However, now I feel that I need to make different choices in terms of the films I do.

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On being trolled, and not getting affected

People write all sorts of crazy stories about me. I mean, every single day there’s some crazy story about me. If I had started worrying about them, I would have probably packed my bags and left for the US already,

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 On not being accepted by mainstream Bollywood

I actually don’t care about anybody else’s inhibitions or what they’re insecure with, if they want to work with me or not. It actually doesn’t affect me at all. I work every single day and I’m very happy for that.

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On peoples’ perception

People don’t know that I’m goofy and nerdy, and I might be in this body, but I’m completely different from what people think I am.

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On Criticism

I am a soft target, says Sunny


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